COVID-19 and Health Literacy


Building health literacy around Covid-19 supports individuals and communities in making informed decisions about their health. PCI Media’s long-running serial program, Ouro Negro, is addressing prevention, treatment, herd immunity, vaccination and social distancing, along with its usual theme of overall well-being. The weekly drama airs on 116 stations and reaches urban and rural listeners of varying ages. COVID-19 content from the radio  drama is repurposed for reaching audiences on their favorite platforms.

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A mini-series that provides vital COVID-19 messages was produced and imbedded into the existing radio series. The Ministry of Health's website features this series as a prime source of COVID-19 information.
The talk show features a health professional who answers callers’ COVID-19 questions on air.
While in lockdown, the live, interactive plays have been converted to  recorded plays for broadcast. Listeners provide real-time feedback through calls and text messages.
The radio program’s  popular  Facebook page   now includes weekly posts with Ministry of Health-approved COVID-19 messaging along with existing drama stories.